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trundle-bedA trundle bed is essentially two beds combined to form one; a smaller bed is stored under a standard bed and rolls out on casters from underneath the bed. For the lower bed (together with its bedding) to fit perfectly beneath the upper one, it mostly requires a somewhat shorter, thinner mattress, which may not be suitable for elderly adults or any other individual with back problems.

It is, nonetheless, the best space-saving option and can provide sleeping space for guests, child’s sleepovers among other specific purposes.

Origin of the Name

Since trundle beds (also called truckle beds) are stacked beds, trundles or casters (hence its name) are fixed to the feet of the smaller bed so that it can be rolled-out whenever a need arises.

They were, originally, designed for servants who used to sleep next to their bosses for purposes of being close at hand. They alternatively offered extra room for desks, dressers, and playroom.

Present-day Trundle Beds

Currently, truckle beds come in a wide variety of sizes; there are both king and queen sizes and others specially shaped.

If the fact that some other members will sleep adjacent to the ground worries you, there are trundle beds that pop up. The lower bed is fitted with springs and elevates when rolled out raising it to the same level as the bed it was underneath.

What To Look For When Buying

buy-nowKnow the precise measurements of the room you will put your bed. Since trundle beds spread out into two twin beds, you have to factor in the entire length of the extended bed. For you to maximize the space in your room, the stretched bed should fit perfectly in your room.

Consider how your trundle bed will complement the room’s décor. With the bed’s cupboard structure, your underneath bed needs to be pleasantly stored away in such a way that it resembles drawers or decorated so as not to reveal the underneath bed to onlookers.

Also think about whether a trundle is even the best option. You could compare various types of beds, which I did here when I compared rollaway beds to trundle beds for guests.

A good truckle beds provides style and great flexibility. Buy the one that has practical storage space drawers that fit perfectly in the underneath structure. It also enables you to grab the additional mattress and hence have twin measured bed while at the same time having three invisible drawers to store personal items.

Before settling down on any specific truckle bed evaluate its functionality, quality, return plans and guarantees to ensure complete fulfillment.

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We provide well-researched, consumer-focused informative articles that will enable you not only understand everything about trundle beds but also know what to look for when shopping for one.

We also provide unbiased reviews of various models, enabling you to know the types that exist in the market. Armed with such knowledge you will be in the best position to choose the exact type that suits your purpose and room.

  • A variety of trundle beds to choose from

Additionally, through our website we sell a broad range of trundle beds. Regardless of the type, size, decoration or extra features that you need in your trundle bed, rest assured that you will find it here.

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If you require any help choosing a trundle bed, we have you covered. With our long experience attending to customers with different needs, we have everything it takes to guide you on the best type of bed that will suit your needs.


Trundle beds are very flexible and ideal space-savers. For informative articles, reviews and expert advice on the decorations and types, our one-stop-shop for trundle beds is the place to be.


Choosing A Mattress For Your Bed

Recently a friend mentioned she was in the process of choosing and purchasing a new mattress. I felt obligated to announce the fact that it was not as easy as she may think.

Although purchasing a mattress is simple enough it’s the choosing that can be complicated. As a new mattress can last upwards of 10 years you want to make sure it’s the perfect mattress for you.

Therefore there are several steps you may wish to consider before making a final commitment to your purchase. What type of mattress is the best choice and if it suits your sleeping needs.

Years ago this was easy as there were limited options available. Now the options are plenty-full and all come with their own pros and cons.

Your sleeping conditions are now considered detrimental to your health. A mattress that is either to firm or to soft can interfere with your sleep and we all know that’s not good for our health.

Choosing the right mattress also depends on how you sleep, are you a side sleeper? A back sleeper or a stomach sleeper? All this should be taken into account before making your final decision.

So for example lets say you’re a side sleeper, this is the most common position to sleep in. A good mattress for side sleepers should conform to your body taking pressure off your hips and shoulders.

The best mattress for side sleepers would be a memory foam or latex. These mattresses allows your spine to rest naturally and may even help eliminate snoring.

On the other hand what if you are part of the 8% that are back sleepers. These sleepers need a mattress with stiff coils and a soft foam topper.

As a soft mattress does not provide the support needed and a firm one can put to much pressure on the back and shoulders. This pressure will create unwanted aches and pains and interrupt your sleep.

That brings us to the stomach sleeper, this position is the least common. They need a mid range mattress to ensure comfort, as well as a restful, healthy sleep.

It is estimated that only 7% of sleepers are stomach sleepers, unfortunately this is considered an unhealthy way to sleep. It does however aid in digestion and is great for reducing sleep apnea.

So if you are in the process of purchasing a new mattress you may want to consider doing a little research into the best mattress for you. As you deserve the best nights sleep you can get.

Furniture of America Maggie Transitional Twin Trundle

The trundle bed has been around for many years. In fact noblemen and royalty used these beds for their servants to sleep on in the same room as their master.

This was a very good idea, as then the servant was available if the master required anything during the night.

The masters bed was always draped in fine fabric. This made it easy to store the servants bed under the masters during the day to keep it out of the way.

Trundle beds are a great space saving bed. Ideal not only for small spaces but a great idea when another bed is needed.

Trundle beds neatly hide another similar sized bed underneath the original bed. Thereby saving space, the extra bed can then be pulled out and used whenever the need arises.

One great trundle drawer is made by Furniture of America Maggie Transitional. This is a twin trundle that is perfect for having company, as afterwards it can be stored without using any extra space.

This trundle drawer has a touch of charm and is a showcase of fine quality materials and expert craftsmanship. And has a beautiful traditional inspired style.

The features of this trundle drawer include convenient handles and casters insuring great movability. The finish is white for a pristine look.

This trundle drawer promises long-lasting quality and style. It is also light weight at only 53 lbs. Is made in Vietnam and assembly is required.

The dimensions of this trundle drawer are 75.5”wide x 40.75” deep, x 12.75” high. This trundle drawer can easily be attached to any existing twin bed.

This trundle drawer is very economical, it can turn an ordinary twin bed into a trundle with little effort. Thus giving you an extra bed without taking up any space.

So if you need an extra bed for any reason now or in the future, you may want to give the trundle drawer a try.



Rollaway Beds vs Trundle Beds: Which Are Best For Guests?

Need an extra bed for guests? Two beds worth taking a look at are Rollaway beds and Trundle beds. Each of these beds have plenty of reasons to command a second look. You can see a lot of rollaway beds here at Jim’s site, and of course we are your source for trundle beds!

The rollaway bed makes an excellent choice as a guest bed. They are very comfortable as well as convenient. This bed has come a long way over the last several years. The frame it’s self is constructed of lightweight reinforced steel tubing. This ensures the bed is strong, sturdy and very durable. They are available in many sizes and are able to support up to 300lbs.

Most of the larger rollaway beds have extra support and some even feature anti-collapse mechanisms and an extra support leg in the middle. This extra leg provides a sturdy reliable foundation.

The casters are made of strong, durable materials and glide easily across the floor. The casters also have locking mechanisms for added stability. The rollaway bed itself is extremely easy to fold and unfolds in a matter of minutes.

The mattresses for rollaway beds are available in different sizes as well as thicknesses. Manufactures have designed these mattresses to fold and unfold with ease. They are available in a wide variety of materials and toppers for extra comfort.

Whether you are living in a small apartment or other small space this bed would be perfect for you. You can store it in a closet then wheel it out, your guest will get a comfortable nights rest and the bed can be folded and rolled away in a matter of a few minutes. Making these rollaway beds extremely easy and convenient to use and store.


Ok So How Do Rollaway Beds Compare To Trundle Beds?

That brings us to the trundle bed, these beds have been around for hundreds of years. A trundle is a bed within a bed as the large bed sits above a smaller one that has casters and can rolled and stored away underneath the larger one.

This type of bed was very convenient years ago, as the master of the house would sleep on the larger bed and the servant on the smaller one. Thus the servant was instantly available should his master need something in the middle of the night. Then in the morning it could be stored away.

The trundle bed is an excellent choice for a small room or even a child’s room. The extra bed is conveniently stored until it’s use is required then easily put away. The bed can also serve a double purpose as storage. If the trundle bed is not needed for an extended period, the mattress may be removed from the bottom bed allowing for a storage area. This is sure to be appreciated in a smaller room.

Children especially like this type of bed as it allows a friend to sleep over even when space is limited. In the morning the smaller bed can be rolled away leaving the space open for play. The trundle is a good idea when space is limited or the room is a little on the small size to fit a full size double or queen bed. As it can easily accommodate two people in a limited area.

So that leaves the choice up to you. Whatever bed best suits your available space and your guests needs will be the right bed, whether it is a trundle bed or rollaway bed.

Full Bed With Trundle by Poundex

trundle-by-poundexTrundle beds have become quite popular over the last few years. Their origins are actually very grand. Royalty and noblemen used these beds in the 1800s. While they slept on the high bed draped in fine fabric, their servant slept on the simple rollaway below.

This worked out very well as the servant was available immediately, should his master require him during the night. This arrangement worked very well during the day as the servants bed could be hidden under the main bed.

There was a day when everyone in the household slept in the same room. Master, wife, children and servants would all huddle together for warmth and safety. From rugged pallets, raised platforms began to appear along with separate sleeping rooms for the master and his wife.

But their need to feel safe was so great they often got their servant to sleep in the same room. Often on a trundle bed.

Trundle beds usually have a smaller platform on rollers that will hold a mattress. A box spring is not required. The wooden frame work was often constructed of oak, while the suspension was made of rope or leather.

Today slats take the place of the rope or leather. While the origin of the trundle bed began in Europe they soon became popular on the North American continent. This was attributed to larger families and smaller houses and they made common use of these beds.

Mattress covers were stuffed with corn husks, straw or any other suitable plant material that was available. The mattress was then spread over the ropes or leather and were surprisingly comfortable.

Trundle beds can be an excellent idea in a child’s room. They are a great space saving idea that can allow space for an extra separate bed to be available when required.

Children love these types of beds as they can be pulled out for a friend to sleep on, then just as easily rolled away to utilize the space. When not in use the second bed can be used for storage by removing the mattress. Given the fact that a child’s room is generally smaller, this extra storage space can come in very handy.

While trundle beds have not changed very much over the years the mattress has. They are thick and comfortable, some trundles are full size while most are twin size. There are many different types and thicknesses to choose from with or without toppers of memory foam or pillow top.

One trundle bed that has been getting a lot of attention is The Full Bed With Trundle by Poundex.

When style and function matters you can’t beat this espresso or cream colored faux leather upholstered bed frame. It also includes a lower twin sized trundle with extra sleeping space for your guest.

This bed is not only stylish and contemporary but would be an asset to any room decor. The full size bed has 12 slats and holds a full size mattress.

While the trundle takes a twin size mattress. This bed would be a good choice not only for looks but it’s also good value for the money.

Can The Tokyo Frame Trundle Daybed Serve Your Needs?

This 75″ x 39″ trundle bed from the house of DHP tries to combine the perks of good design and comfort. The metal frame and the sleek looking bronze finish give it a cool urban look that can satisfy your interior decorating ideals. This brown colored twin trundle bed is only 63 pounds which gives you the luxury of moving it quite easily.

Sleek and Urban Looking Design

tokyo-trundle-daybedThe manufacturer has given it a lot of sharpness with a good final touch to provide much-needed comfort. It comes with a twin mattress and promises to give you all the much needed, comfortable leisure you need and want.

The best part of this bed is it is cozy without being too soft or flimsy. It doesn’t take much space but gives you enough to relax. It also doesn’t weigh too much, but it can make its presence feel with its smart classy look. This DHP daybed certainly has those traits that every modern interior decorator looks for.

It Has the Qualities of a Smart Trundle Bed

This fine trundle bed is only 63 pounds after assembling and in terms of length, it is 75” which is quite good for a trundle bed. The basic purpose of buying a trundle bed is to get more relaxing options with proper space management and this assembled product is quite fitting for that purpose.

The whole product will ship to you with an easy to understand instruction book, which will guide you through the assembling process.

The assembling process is quite easy thanks to the part-by-part guide and easy to do system. It won’t take more than a few hours to assemble or disassemble it.

A Good Budget Bed

If you are looking for something cozy and sleek at a comfortable budget then this DHP bed is a good buy. This looks classy thanks to its brownish bronze finish and you can easily use it to compliment your home decoration plans.

In many cases, it has been seen that the lower part of trundle beds create problems or are not as comfortable as the upper one, but in this case, both the upper and lower part works quite well and you can use it all the time to get a sound sleep.

It is also quite easy to use for old people as it is not so tall and one can easily get a comfy laid back posture on it.

Price and Quality Make it a Good Trundle Bed in Its Class

Regarding the price it can be said that it provides satisfactory results in its class of trundle beds. The trundle beds are doing well recently and people are opting for it as a smart option.

The DHP trundle bed tries hard to hit those points that people would be looking for. It has an easy assembling and disassembling process, design is concerned to give the required comfort of two beds and takes care of the weight and space.

The price has also been quoted carefully to ensure that it doesn’t get too costly.

People who are looking for a trundle bed would find the price in their reach. In short, it is a good choice at that budget and a smart one as a trundle bed.

What Experts Are Saying About the Furniture of America Modal Daybed With Trundle

Are you looking to buy a perfect piece of furniture like a trundle bed for your bedroom, guest room or den? This article will introduce you to the Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle. This perfectly designed trundle bed comes with an attractive styling with delicately curved rails and a rich finish. Here is what experts are saying about this world-class trundle bed.

Comfort and Sturdiness

modal-trundle-bedThe Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle, Dark Cherry is not only comfortable but also sturdy. This solid wood platform daybed features contoured, curved side frames with a twin trundle.

The bed is sturdy enough even for adults. Additionally, the mattresses recommended for this bed are pretty comfortable. What’s more? This fantastic piece of furniture comes with wheels for effortless mobility.

Because of its unique design, strength and comfort, you can double it up and use it as couch if you wish to. If you buy this trundle bed for your daughter, it will last long enough for her to grow into a young lady because of its durability and unmatched strength.

Basic Assembly, Disassembly, and Storage

This well-packaged trundle bed comes with clear assembly instructions to reduce the hassle on your side. Only two adults are required to assemble the bed. The assembly process should take approximately less than 30 minutes.

After assembling, the bed measures 79.13 inches wide; 23.25 inches high and 41.38 inches deep. The disassembly process is as easy as the assembly process. The bed’s perfect size makes its storage and movement easy after assembling.

What’s more? This bed only requires a damp cotton cloth to clean.

The Quality of Comfort and Sleep Versus the Value of Money Spent

Are you yearning to enjoy the simplicity of lounging without breaking your bank account? The Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle, Dark Cherry is all you need.

The quality of sleep in this elegant piece of furniture surpasses its peanut price by far. The bed’s clean, structured back frame and wavy, contoured side frames combined with its recommended comfortable mattresses couple up to give you pretty appealing, comfortable and peaceful sleep at an affordable price.

Also, this bed comes with a one-month free replacement parts warranty. This warranty comfortably covers you against shipping breakages and damages to ensure that you do not lose any of your hard-earned cash.

Additionally, you can request the manufacturer’s warranty from customer service.

Final Purport

The quality of this great trundle bed beats its price by far. Its attractive natural color perfectly matches other furniture in any room.

The most amazing thing about this luxurious bed is its ease of assembly, storage, and disassembly. Furthermore, the beauty, strength, and durability of this trundle bed are second to none.

To add to its cost-effective price tag, the Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle, Dark Cherry comes with a valid one-month hastle-free warranty on all its replacement parts.

With the Furniture of America Modal Trundle Bed you have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

A Smart Bed for Smart People

full-adult-trundle“Takes the place of one, but gives you two”– This is the perfect sentence to describe trundle beds.

This type of bed provides you a secondary bed under it and the mechanism allows you to use it whenever you might need too. When you are not in need of the lower part you can easily make it disappear.

Trundle beds are quite popular among families and the biggest reason behind it is the two separate sleeping spaces. This smart bed provides a unique feature that other types like rollaway beds can’t gift you, and that is two beds for the space of one!

Simple Utility

Trundle beds are very good when the space is just too small to have two beds in it. It is also a good option in terms of cost effectiveness. This bed gives you two beds at the cost of one and also helps in space management issues.

If you have more than one child, it is a great choice to end their fights in bed. A separate space will make them both happy and will also stop those shouts in the night. Trundle beds are also used in places like hostels and Boarding schools. They take up less space and give more accommodation.

Designs and Construction

Trundle beds have become smarter and even more fashionable and this has been possible thanks to some quality manufacturers.

You will have different designs to choose from and it will help you to fit the bed into your current room decor. While choosing a trundle bed, be sure about the color and the structure, to make it look good with your home interior.

Trundle beds are available at various stores and you can also buy it online, but before choosing any check these aspects.

  • Check the materials! The construction materials are the key elements behind a quality bed and you must check the things that have been used to make the bed. Try to buy beds made from authentic and certified materials. This will ensure a long life of your bed and you will get the maximum value for the money you spent.
  • Superior Construction! As you can understand, trundle beds involve critical mechanisms, it will require a professional touch when being manufactured. Any mishandling in the construction will make the life span of the bed shorter. As a buyer, you must look to inspect the mechanisms of the bed and if they are working smoothly.
  • Compare Price! There are several companies providing quality trundle beds, thus there will be a battle of price. Help yourself by checking on different offerings and compare them based on their quality. You can also look for discounts, it will help you to have a trundle bed at a pocket friendly cost.
  • Double check the Warranty! Most of the companies provide a warranty on the beds, but these warranties do come with some conditions applied. Before buying, have a look at these conditions to ensure that you will get your bed replaced if it has any problems during the warranty period.

Last Words

Trundle beds are very good for families and for places where room space is shorter. It helps you to deal with smaller apartments by providing smart looking solutions which is easy to use. Thus, be sure of your needs and order one after following our list.