trundle-by-poundexTrundle beds have become quite popular over the last few years. Their origins are actually very grand. Royalty and noblemen used these beds in the 1800s. While they slept on the high bed draped in fine fabric, their servant slept on the simple rollaway below.

This worked out very well as the servant was available immediately, should his master require him during the night. This arrangement worked very well during the day as the servants bed could be hidden under the main bed.

There was a day when everyone in the household slept in the same room. Master, wife, children and servants would all huddle together for warmth and safety. From rugged pallets, raised platforms began to appear along with separate sleeping rooms for the master and his wife.

But their need to feel safe was so great they often got their servant to sleep in the same room. Often on a trundle bed.

Trundle beds usually have a smaller platform on rollers that will hold a mattress. A box spring is not required. The wooden frame work was often constructed of oak, while the suspension was made of rope or leather.

Today slats take the place of the rope or leather. While the origin of the trundle bed began in Europe they soon became popular on the North American continent. This was attributed to larger families and smaller houses and they made common use of these beds.

Mattress covers were stuffed with corn husks, straw or any other suitable plant material that was available. The mattress was then spread over the ropes or leather and were surprisingly comfortable.

Trundle beds can be an excellent idea in a child’s room. They are a great space saving idea that can allow space for an extra separate bed to be available when required.

Children love these types of beds as they can be pulled out for a friend to sleep on, then just as easily rolled away to utilize the space. When not in use the second bed can be used for storage by removing the mattress. Given the fact that a child’s room is generally smaller, this extra storage space can come in very handy.

While trundle beds have not changed very much over the years the mattress has. They are thick and comfortable, some trundles are full size while most are twin size. There are many different types and thicknesses to choose from with or without toppers of memory foam or pillow top.

One trundle bed that has been getting a lot of attention is The Full Bed With Trundle by Poundex.

When style and function matters you can’t beat this espresso or cream colored faux leather upholstered bed frame. It also includes a lower twin sized trundle with extra sleeping space for your guest.

This bed is not only stylish and contemporary but would be an asset to any room decor. The full size bed has 12 slats and holds a full size mattress.

While the trundle takes a twin size mattress. This bed would be a good choice not only for looks but it’s also good value for the money.