The trundle bed has been around for many years. In fact noblemen and royalty used these beds for their servants to sleep on in the same room as their master.

This was a very good idea, as then the servant was available if the master required anything during the night.

The masters bed was always draped in fine fabric. This made it easy to store the servants bed under the masters during the day to keep it out of the way.

Trundle beds are a great space saving bed. Ideal not only for small spaces but a great idea when another bed is needed.

Trundle beds neatly hide another similar sized bed underneath the original bed. Thereby saving space, the extra bed can then be pulled out and used whenever the need arises.

One great trundle drawer is made by Furniture of America Maggie Transitional. This is a twin trundle that is perfect for having company, as afterwards it can be stored without using any extra space.

This trundle drawer has a touch of charm and is a showcase of fine quality materials and expert craftsmanship. And has a beautiful traditional inspired style.

The features of this trundle drawer include convenient handles and casters insuring great movability. The finish is white for a pristine look.

This trundle drawer promises long-lasting quality and style. It is also light weight at only 53 lbs. Is made in Vietnam and assembly is required.

The dimensions of this trundle drawer are 75.5”wide x 40.75” deep, x 12.75” high. This trundle drawer can easily be attached to any existing twin bed.

This trundle drawer is very economical, it can turn an ordinary twin bed into a trundle with little effort. Thus giving you an extra bed without taking up any space.

So if you need an extra bed for any reason now or in the future, you may want to give the trundle drawer a try.