Need an extra bed for guests? Two beds worth taking a look at are Rollaway beds and Trundle beds. Each of these beds have plenty of reasons to command a second look. You can see a lot of rollaway beds here at Jim’s site, and of course we are your source for trundle beds!

The rollaway bed makes an excellent choice as a guest bed. They are very comfortable as well as convenient. This bed has come a long way over the last several years. The frame it’s self is constructed of lightweight reinforced steel tubing. This ensures the bed is strong, sturdy and very durable. They are available in many sizes and are able to support up to 300lbs.

Most of the larger rollaway beds have extra support and some even feature anti-collapse mechanisms and an extra support leg in the middle. This extra leg provides a sturdy reliable foundation.

The casters are made of strong, durable materials and glide easily across the floor. The casters also have locking mechanisms for added stability. The rollaway bed itself is extremely easy to fold and unfolds in a matter of minutes.

The mattresses for rollaway beds are available in different sizes as well as thicknesses. Manufactures have designed these mattresses to fold and unfold with ease. They are available in a wide variety of materials and toppers for extra comfort.

Whether you are living in a small apartment or other small space this bed would be perfect for you. You can store it in a closet then wheel it out, your guest will get a comfortable nights rest and the bed can be folded and rolled away in a matter of a few minutes. Making these rollaway beds extremely easy and convenient to use and store.


Ok So How Do Rollaway Beds Compare To Trundle Beds?

That brings us to the trundle bed, these beds have been around for hundreds of years. A trundle is a bed within a bed as the large bed sits above a smaller one that has casters and can rolled and stored away underneath the larger one.

This type of bed was very convenient years ago, as the master of the house would sleep on the larger bed and the servant on the smaller one. Thus the servant was instantly available should his master need something in the middle of the night. Then in the morning it could be stored away.

The trundle bed is an excellent choice for a small room or even a child’s room. The extra bed is conveniently stored until it’s use is required then easily put away. The bed can also serve a double purpose as storage. If the trundle bed is not needed for an extended period, the mattress may be removed from the bottom bed allowing for a storage area. This is sure to be appreciated in a smaller room.

Children especially like this type of bed as it allows a friend to sleep over even when space is limited. In the morning the smaller bed can be rolled away leaving the space open for play. The trundle is a good idea when space is limited or the room is a little on the small size to fit a full size double or queen bed. As it can easily accommodate two people in a limited area.

So that leaves the choice up to you. Whatever bed best suits your available space and your guests needs will be the right bed, whether it is a trundle bed or rollaway bed.