This 75″ x 39″ trundle bed from the house of DHP tries to combine the perks of good design and comfort. The metal frame and the sleek looking bronze finish give it a cool urban look that can satisfy your interior decorating ideals. This brown colored twin trundle bed is only 63 pounds which gives you the luxury of moving it quite easily.

Sleek and Urban Looking Design

tokyo-trundle-daybedThe manufacturer has given it a lot of sharpness with a good final touch to provide much-needed comfort. It comes with a twin mattress and promises to give you all the much needed, comfortable leisure you need and want.

The best part of this bed is it is cozy without being too soft or flimsy. It doesn’t take much space but gives you enough to relax. It also doesn’t weigh too much, but it can make its presence feel with its smart classy look. This DHP daybed certainly has those traits that every modern interior decorator looks for.

It Has the Qualities of a Smart Trundle Bed

This fine trundle bed is only 63 pounds after assembling and in terms of length, it is 75” which is quite good for a trundle bed. The basic purpose of buying a trundle bed is to get more relaxing options with proper space management and this assembled product is quite fitting for that purpose.

The whole product will ship to you with an easy to understand instruction book, which will guide you through the assembling process.

The assembling process is quite easy thanks to the part-by-part guide and easy to do system. It won’t take more than a few hours to assemble or disassemble it.

A Good Budget Bed

If you are looking for something cozy and sleek at a comfortable budget then this DHP bed is a good buy. This looks classy thanks to its brownish bronze finish and you can easily use it to compliment your home decoration plans.

In many cases, it has been seen that the lower part of trundle beds create problems or are not as comfortable as the upper one, but in this case, both the upper and lower part works quite well and you can use it all the time to get a sound sleep.

It is also quite easy to use for old people as it is not so tall and one can easily get a comfy laid back posture on it.

Price and Quality Make it a Good Trundle Bed in Its Class

Regarding the price it can be said that it provides satisfactory results in its class of trundle beds. The trundle beds are doing well recently and people are opting for it as a smart option.

The DHP trundle bed tries hard to hit those points that people would be looking for. It has an easy assembling and disassembling process, design is concerned to give the required comfort of two beds and takes care of the weight and space.

The price has also been quoted carefully to ensure that it doesn’t get too costly.

People who are looking for a trundle bed would find the price in their reach. In short, it is a good choice at that budget and a smart one as a trundle bed.