trundle-bedA trundle bed is essentially two beds combined to form one; a smaller bed is stored under a standard bed and rolls out on casters from underneath the bed. For the lower bed (together with its bedding) to fit perfectly beneath the upper one, it mostly requires a somewhat shorter, thinner mattress, which may not be suitable for elderly adults or any other individual with back problems.

It is, nonetheless, the best space-saving option and can provide sleeping space for guests, child’s sleepovers among other specific purposes.

Origin of the Name

Since trundle beds (also called truckle beds) are stacked beds, trundles or casters (hence its name) are fixed to the feet of the smaller bed so that it can be rolled-out whenever a need arises.

They were, originally, designed for servants who used to sleep next to their bosses for purposes of being close at hand. They alternatively offered extra room for desks, dressers, and playroom.

Present-day Trundle Beds

Currently, truckle beds come in a wide variety of sizes; there are both king and queen sizes and others specially shaped.

If the fact that some other members will sleep adjacent to the ground worries you, there are trundle beds that pop up. The lower bed is fitted with springs and elevates when rolled out raising it to the same level as the bed it was underneath.

What To Look For When Buying

buy-nowKnow the precise measurements of the room you will put your bed. Since trundle beds spread out into two twin beds, you have to factor in the entire length of the extended bed. For you to maximize the space in your room, the stretched bed should fit perfectly in your room.

Consider how your trundle bed will complement the room’s décor. With the bed’s cupboard structure, your underneath bed needs to be pleasantly stored away in such a way that it resembles drawers or decorated so as not to reveal the underneath bed to onlookers.

Also think about whether a trundle is even the best option. You could compare various types of beds, which I did here when I compared rollaway beds to trundle beds for guests.

A good truckle beds provides style and great flexibility. Buy the one that has practical storage space drawers that fit perfectly in the underneath structure. It also enables you to grab the additional mattress and hence have twin measured bed while at the same time having three invisible drawers to store personal items.

Before settling down on any specific truckle bed evaluate its functionality, quality, return plans and guarantees to ensure complete fulfillment.

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